Mortar Board Pallas Chapter, University of Louisville

Mortar  Board is the national senior honorary celebrating students excelling
in scholarship, leadership and service.  The national site is here.
Since its establishment in 1918, nearly a quarter of a million members have been initiated at 222 chartered chapters across the nation.
Mortar Board provides opportunities for continued leadership development, promotes service to colleges and universities and encourages lifelong contributions to the global community.  Additionally, Mortar Board offers numerous benefits and opportunities to members, including career networking, fellowships and awards.

Friday, April 10, 4pm in the Red Barn.  Come and invite your friends,
 family and favorite teachers!  New student and honorary members will
be inducted  into Mortar Board.  Graduating members will be inducted into the
Mortar Board Alumni Club.

Our new student members:
Filder Auma
Zerric Baskett
Brandt Coleman
Debra Ezell
Jenny Hohman,
Alicia Humphries
Allie Kamber
Diana Lalata
Andrew Segal
Meaghan Warsaw
Elizabeth White

Our new honorary members:
Provost Dr. Shirley Willihnganz
Honors Director Dr. Joy Hart
Asst. Honors Director Dr. Patricia Condon

The Pallas Chapter of Mortar Board has a long tradition of encouraging scholarship, leadership
and service at the University of Louisville.  Some of our better-known traditions are
the official University campus planner, and flower sales at graduation.  We also have a
tradition of generating scholarship support for graduate or professional education.
Donate to the Pallas chapter (tax-deductible).

University of Louisville Academic Hall of Fame
We honor scholars -- undergraduate, graduate and faculty -- who win national or international awards/scholarships.
Here is a partial list of winners from 2008-2013, including Boren, Cambridge, Critical Language, English Speaking Union,
Erasmus, Fulbright, Gilman, Goldwater, NSF Graduate, Nuclear Nonproliferation, Rhodes, Rotary, Truman,
UK Summer Fulbright and Whitaker Bioengineering.  We welcome corrections/additions to this list.
This is a long-term project by the Pallas Chapter of Mortar Board.

Our 2015 lecture is "The Business of College Sports",
by Kristi Dosh (the Sports Biz Miss, also an adjunct professor at U. North Florida).  It was
scheduled at
7pm on Thu. Feb. 19, 2015 in the Chao Auditorium, Ekstrom Library, but was snowed out.
We are re-scheduling for September 2015.
Admission will be free and open to the public.  See details here.
We will record the lecture and put it up later on YouTube.

Our 2014 lecture was "Does College Cost Too Much",
by Robert Martin (Centre College), at 7pm on Wed. Jan. 29, 2014
in Davidson Hall 109.  Admission was free and open to the public.
See details here.  We have put the video up on YouTube.

2014-2015 members:

Erika Wozniak (President)
Negin Alaizadeh-Rad (Recruitment co-chair)
*Nicholas Allen (Secretary, Academic Hall of Fame co-chair)
Nneka Amadife (Alumni co-chair)
Jenna Benningfield (Alumni, Fundraising co-chair)
Lisa Board (Alumni, Social co-chair)
Louis Curtis (Flower Sales, Academic Hall of Fame co-chair)
Sara Deurell (Flower Sales, Historian, Webmaster, Nat'l Conference co-chair)
Haley Grosskopf (Recruitment co-chair)
Zachary Herde (co-Treasurer, Recruitment co-chair)
Taylor Ichinose (co-VP, Recruitment, Social co-chair)
Kevin Le (Flower Sales, Service, Nat'l Conference co-chair)
Padmapani Muzquiz (Academic Hall of Fame co-chair)
TomiSue Smith (co-Treasurer, co-VP, Service co-chair)
Brandon Sydnor (Meeting co-Secretary, Academic Hall of Fame co-chair)
Whitney Wilson (Meeting co-Secretary, Recruitment co-chair)
Emily Young (co-VP, Alumni co-chair)

* returning member

Gerard Williger (Physics & Astronomy)
Randy Dills (History)
Eddie Bobbitt (Arts & Sciences Advising)

Honorary Members:
Doris Nickel (1957), Adele Brandeis (1959),
Jenny Sawyer Layman (1992), Thomas Crawford (1993), John Flodstrom (1994),
George Howe (1995), Arthur Slavin (1995),
Denise Berry, John Shumaker, Rodney Williams (1996),
Douglas Sanders, Raymond Wilcox (1997),
Dale Billingsley, Anthony Just, Robert Schulman (1998),
Blaine Hudson, Ricky Jones, Linda Wilson (1999),
Carol Garrison (2001),
Betsy Langness, Christopher Tillquist (2002),
Romano Mazzoli, James Ramsey (2003),
Steven Kendra, Kimberly Leonard (2014)

2014-15 PROJECTS:
Academic Hall of Fame
Business of College Sports Lecture, Feb. 19, 2015 (see above)
TedX talk at U. Louisville co-sponsorship, Feb. 28
Alumni directory campaign
Bullitt Lecture in Astronomy - put up posters to advertise the talk, Oct 2014
Help with Sister Cities of Louisville gala, Oct 2014
continuing study to revive the UofL/Mortar Board Planner with Mortar Board Alumni help

2013-14 projects:

Lecture on college costs on 29 Jan 2014 by Bob Martin, Prof. emeritus from Centre College
Mortar Board Chapter Endowment Program - with alumni help - see Dec. 2010 newsletter
  Shirley Jones (chair), Nicole Pappe, Kelsey Vaal, Christine Robbins
Faculty sabbatical housing exchange: Holly Jones (chair), Nick Allen, Camila Calderon, Katie Collier
Website development: Lauren Williams (chair), Chelsea Vaal, Jenna Wargo, Camila Calderon
Case study to re-start official UL Mortar Board planner: Ryan Stewart, Gerry Williger

Bullitt Lecture in Astronomy - put up posters to advertise the talk, 21 Nov 2013: Gerry Williger (coordinator)
Fall charity bake sale: Camila Calderon (chair)
Help with Sister Cities of Louisville gala on 23 Oct 2013: Justin Tirone (coordinator)

We are currently recruiting co-advisors - we welcome UL faculty
, staff and grad students to help!

Previous Mortar Board Members on Homecoming Court/other honors

induction of 2012-2013 class (to be updated)
induction of 2011-2012 class (to be updated)
induction of 2010-2011 class (to be updated)
induction of 2009-2010 class (partial set of new members)
April 2009
back row, L-R: OJ Oleka, Samantha Kolasa, Levi Shanks, Russ Tabolt, Gerard Williger (advisor), Mike Price
front row, L-R: Rachel Noble, Katie Trimble, Nicole Kinney, Lauren Grau
Not pictured: Kelly Jameson, Deleshia Youngblood

induction of 2008-2009 class (partial set of new members)
April 2008
back row, L-R: Gerard Williger (advisor), Michael Oghia, Dave Kitchel,X,Jay Spenlau,Roger Dotsey
front row, L-R: Katharine Sawyer,Wesley Badger, Harini Chenna, Jon Perry, An Ngyuen, Mike Dennis, Kartik Kamat
not pictured: Susan Higdon, Casey Larue

induction of 2007-2008 class (partial set of new members)
April 2007
Back Row: (L to R) Andrew Powell, Brian Bennett, Joel Graham, Ashlee Lonnemann, Andrew Chacko, Gerry Williger (Assoc. Prof. of Astronomy, advisor)
Front Row: (L to R) Eddie Bobbitt, Huy Le, Casey LaRue, Cara Uccellini, Reeya Mathew, Patience Ngwang

Photos 2007 April 17:
2006-2007 President Glypie Grider reads "The Torch" to 2007-2008 inductees

2006-2007 officers  L-R: Sam Allen (VP-PR), Becky Graham(? VP-Membership), Glypie Grider (Pres), Megan Bridgewater (Sec'y), Gerry Williger (advisor)

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Gerard Williger, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
Co-Advisor Dr. Steve Sohn, Dept. of Communications